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08 Mar 2017

Bollard Installation – Wembley Stadium

Job Spec: Installation of anti-terrorism bollards.

  • Supplied and installed Heras Fencing to enclose working area.
  • Excavated trench and installed pre-fabricated reinforcing cages.
  • Installed 30 anti-terrorism bollards.
  • Installed C35 ready-mix concrete to secure bollards in place.
  • Laid 60mm base and 40mm topping of tarmac to complete works.
22 Feb 2016

SIMS Hall Project

Job Spec: General protection in Flight Simulation Hall at Heathrow Airport during the installation of machinery.

  • Installed hardboard sheets to protect floor from moving vehicles and machinery.
  • Used ‘Protec’ plastic sheeting for protection on steps and stairways
  • Foam covers were used to protect doorframes, handles and handrails.
22 Feb 2016

School – temporary classroom

Job spec: To build foundation for a temporary classroom at a school.

  • Cleared soil and foliage to create safe working area
  • Excavated 4no 600x600mm foundation trenches
  • Installed concrete foundations
  • Block-work was laid to suit classroom base levels
  • Installed all services ie: watermain, electricity, storm water and sewage systems.
  • Built pathways, steps and ramps to create access to classroom
  • Erected security fencing around perimeter
22 Feb 2016

High level hangar concrete repairs

Make repairs to blown concrete at high level above hangar door to stop water ingress to rebar.

  • Loose concrete was removed
  • Rebar was treated with chemical material
  • Concrete area was chipped off and primed
  • Area was made good with epoxy resin compound
22 Feb 2016

Hangar Door Rail Project

Job Spec: Excavation and reinstatement of hangar door rail.

  • Excavation of existing hangar door rails using JCB angle grinders
  • Engineering contractors installed new rails
  • Formwork was made and installed to fit around new rails
  • Reinstated area with a BA spec concrete finish
  • All spoil and steel removed from job was recycled
22 Feb 2016

Blast wall project

Job spec: Removal of blast wall at Heathrow Airport.

  • Concrete slats from 1950’s blast wall at Heathrow Airport were loose and unsafe which meant that they had to be removed using clamshell grab excavator.
  • The entire wall was removed and disposed of to relevant waste management site.
22 Jul 2015

Asphalt roof repairs

Job specification: Make repairs to asphalt roof on 2nd floor car park that was causing damage to offices below.

  • Existing asphalt in car park was broken up and removed from site
  • A new expansion joint was installed
  • Hot asphalt was re-installed to prevent any more leaks into offices below.